High-Intensity Training pic

Benefits of High-Intensity Training


High-Intensity Training pic
High-Intensity Training
Image: bodyrevolution.com

Erin Pillon works as a VIP hostess at several Miami Beach, Florida, establishments, including Mokai Nightclub. Possessing a background as a model and dancer, Erin Pillon enjoys high-intensity training (HIT) to keep in shape.

HIT involves activity done at a high level of intensity for a brief period of time. This type of training is done fairly infrequently compared to traditional exercise routines. Though HIT can be completed in as little as 10 minutes per session, people often see notable improvements through this type of training method.

The benefits of HIT include increased strength in a person’s upper and lower body, improved endurance, and less body fat. Practitioners of HIT also build up toned muscles with minimal time and effort each week. Moreover, a study completed by McMaster University assistant professor Jennifer Heisz compared HIT workouts to moderate exercise and discovered that HIT workouts are more enjoyable than moderate exercise over the long term. In fact, people enjoy HIT more as the training progressed. The enjoyment that people feel while doing HIT means they are more likely to stick with it and realize the training’s physical benefits.


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